Lord of Darkness

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German news magazine „Der Spiegel“ featured a story about shutting of the lights at night in the medieval city of Goslar. Under the headline „Der F├╝rst der Finsternis“ (german for „Lord of Darkness“) the article tells the story why the city’s mayor Dr. Oliver Junk had to shut of the city’s street lights. Goslar is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

I was assigned to shoot the photo for this story so I went to a hill overlooking the town center a few minutes before midnight to make a before/after photo.


In this animated gif you can see that not all lights are off after midnight: main places, the pedestrian precinct and main crossroads are still shining bright.
After shooting this overview I went down in the city. It was really strange to drive through all those dark streets only lit by the light that shined through some windows and neon signs of two funeral parlours. The last place where I saw such a scene was in the side streets of Alexandra township in South Africa.


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