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California based photobag manufacturer think tank photo released a new line of their famous bags. Now they also support the multimedia shooters out there. Those bags have all one thing in common (like all thinktank bags): they’ve be been designed in close contact with working pros. That this was a pretty good corporation comes out, when you start taking a close look at the new line. The most useful feature are the tiny cable ports everywhere on the bags which allows you to pull the cables from the inside where your recorders, etc. are to the outside where they are connected to mics, headphone, and more. I recently got a „Multimedia Wired Up 10“ for testing. This is the smallest of the two hip bags on offer. I allways perefer the smaller bags because I like to travel as light as possible.

For shooting stories I prefer fixed lenses ( 28mm, 50mm, 85mm ) which all fit in the bag but I have also tested he bag with the bigger lenses as you can see on the photos below. There’s room in the front pocket for bigger recorders like the Marantz PMD 660, too, but you can’t close the zipper when a headphone is plugged in which is no problem for me: There’s a small flap with a magnetic button so that you can secure the frontpocket while moving around. And you need angled XLR plugs to make the Marantz fit into the front pocket.

A Røde NTG-2 will fit nicely into the bag but a Sennheiser ME 66 would be to long to be stored inside. The bag comes with the „standard“ loops on the belt so you can attach more think tank belt bags if need. On one side of the belt you can fix a metall headphone holder which is amazingly useful in holding the headphones when their not in use. You can also attach the mic at elastic loops on both sides of the bag pointing to your interview partner to free your hands for shooting.

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